Hot Tub

Holiday Let Compliant Hot Tub

Our hot tub was new and installed in April 2021, ready for the re-opening of the holiday let business. The hot tub is fully HSG282 compliant, a new regulation introduced in 2017 to protect against legionella and other infectious agents. Holiday let compliant hot tubs offer enhanced filtering via a dual filter system and faster pumps, provide 250 litres of water per bather, have in-line dosing, heat whilst in use unlike many domestic tubs, and allow for fast water changes.

A tub with a chuffing great view!

Our tub is fully drained, cleaned and correctly dosed to ensure a neutral PH and correct chlorine levels for each new guest. And unlike many places the tub is at operating temperature for your first night’s stay.

It overlooks the railway line so you can observe the passing steam trains, fields, hills and woods beyond. right from the comfort of the tub!